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In AFC Dons, we trust
Team sheets, tactics or travel arrangements - make contact with other AFC fans to discuss all things football.

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Allen 14:30:24 12 May 2006
I think it'd be better if Happy Don keeps his anonymity, and doesn't rise to the bate....I'd hate to see someone streak across the pitch without a stitch on, apart from his knee high Burberry socks - all Chav like...And me saying,'Noooooooooooo not my Congenial friend.....We'll never be taken seriously now!!' Not that we ever were, ofcourse....... Anyway, ya never know, I might be tempted - only if my mate Dave Anderson wants me to...LOL.

A Tube from Epping 11:43:29 12 May 2006
Tony form Balham, if Happy Don Streaks across the pitch on Friday night it will give us all somethin to laugh about! though if he's thinkin about it he'd better do it before i have my cheese burger @ half time ! Good Luck tonite Boys common U Dons !

Tony from Balham 10:15:58 12 May 2006
Come on Dons tonight! Lets win tonight so we end season with a cheer! Who knows, Happy Don might streak across the pitch if he is Happy!

Mitch from Kingston 13:35:08 10 May 2006
Well said JDON. I think thats what Diddyman has been trying to get across all along. Even Allen has seen the way and agrees with this.

JDon 12:57:23 10 May 2006
Being a manager is difficult - apart from everything else you've got to be a good psychologist. You have to deal with all sorts of personalities etc....How you get players motivated for all games is so important. I think the key area for next season would be to have more personality and character on the pitch...I think the team need to feel like they're enjoying their football - express themselves more... I feel, we as fans need to see that too.

Dave from London 23:18:53 09 May 2006
We cant use what if's for our defeat against fisher. We got beat because they outclassed us and could cross the ball much better then us leading to goals. WE dont know that if we had a full strength squad that the result would have been any different. I think paris should be given more games next season aswell as hes played well and as for garrard- what a signing!!!

Diddyman from Streatham 17:24:26 09 May 2006
Annon.....i was more into Subuteo, Striker and not forgetting good old bar footie!...do u remember Striker? press his head and he kicks the ball....those were the days!

Diddyman from Streatham 17:22:32 09 May 2006
Allen....u have answered the question...u use the grown youngsters if u have injuries, but a settled side is the way forward....As for ANNON...I use to manage young footie teams for youth clubs and five of the players ended up at Millwall, Palace and Barnet...one of them played for Republic as well.....and yes i do have a coaching qualification from back then...One of the teams i ran played in the Clapham little league....where our boys started off.

Happy Don 17:13:42 09 May 2006
Conference South is our Destiny! but we will need a settled squad. Pete from south london, We were beaten by Fisher only because we could not field a full strengh team on the night. you can never legislate for injuries. Adding a couple of more experienced players over the summer should give us that edge. But remember guys we are not Brazil. But if we keep believing, we can achieve our dreams. Keep the faith!

annon from London 17:06:25 09 May 2006
Was that on championship manager diddyman?

Allen 16:53:53 09 May 2006
Diddyman...settled side, yes....What happens when/if you've got five of those players injured leading upto a game? one on the bench?????

Allen 16:43:02 09 May 2006
Ok, here I go.....DA brought players in and out last season because he needed to plan for Conference South....Ok, that didn't happen but, WHAT A GOOD TRY. DA has been looking at home grown players (The ones you see in his first squad list - on the site), and I believe he knows the ones he can bring into the side when needed - not necessarily first on the list but, the ones he feels will progress with time and maturity. With a hard core of existing first team players already there, plus the fancied home grown players, I feel DA is well set up to have a good crack at the title next season....Now..I haven't gone away...Just hibernating, until Tony from Balham woke me up...I'm happy because, everything I predicted has happened........Look back on the posts!! GOOD LUCK TO THE BOYS ON FRIDAY

Diddyman from Streatham 15:09:25 09 May 2006
As long as D.A keeps a settled team next season, we would be capable of instant Promotion as Champions...If he does what he did this year then,,,,no chance!..Before anyone pounces on my remarks....i do know what i am talking about as i have run 3 succesful teams which were settled and only used 17 players in each...ITS KNOWN AS TEAM SPIRIT AND TOGETHERNESS LADS!

Steve 14:10:18 09 May 2006
I can see DA still bringing in and out players next season....It's how he is....Managers are looking after their own interests at this level, and if that means bringing in players, that's what will happen.....Mind you, I feel our Club wants results how ever DA does it...Something we as supporters need to understand....Home grown players will be given tastes in the first team over the season but, not much more...Stability in the squad is got to be the key factor next season otherwise, I'd have to agree with you Pete, I wouldn't be betting my mortgage either.

Pete from South London 12:02:18 09 May 2006
Jason I was trying to keep quiet until the final on Friday but I am sorry but you have woken me from my slumber. We were not unfortunate in the play off we were beaten by a better team and whilst the lads gave their all it clearly wasn't good enough - for whatever reason. Fisher were much the better side on the night. As for next season I hope we will get automatic promotion but I won't be betting my mortgage on it.

Tony from Balham 11:49:19 09 May 2006
Why go on the defence Jason? I was only wandering where your thoughts were on the play off defeat as it had gone all quiet from certain people who usually don't come up for air when it comes to viewing their points!...So you are alive and kicking and i do agree that we played well against Fisher and that we have a stronger squad for next season.

Tony North London Lion from Holloway 11:21:45 09 May 2006
Unlucky lads, you have a good team there so better luck next season. M.F.C-LET 'EM COME.

Jason 11:03:36 09 May 2006
Tony from Balham, Didnt realise that you needed someone to point out how successful we have been. I thought that was obvious for all to see. Somtimes things dont need to be said. But just for you I would argue that as well as meeting our goal of the play offs we have now a decent squad in place for next seasons attempt at promotion. With a few additional new signings we will be in a very strong position. You can be sure that we wont be seeing the swapping and changing of players that we saw this season. Like Happy Don the blessed one, I believe that DA has done a great job in building a team that will compete for the title next season. We were also very unfortunate against Fisher were we showed passion, determination and ability with an injury ridden squad. All the signs are there. So Tom I hope that explains why the people that you have accused of being quiet have not been busy posting. In simple terms, They Dont Need To.

james 16:23:38 08 May 2006
thats true tony precious da doesnt win and the silence is deafening, and before people moan im not slagging him off, just stating facts, ad waht about walcott, great news.

Tony from Balham 15:11:53 08 May 2006
Allen, Happy Don, Adrian and Jason....where have you gone since we got knocked out of play offs?....i would have expected some positive feedback from you guys and that we have the cup to look forward too! It sounds like a case of your not singing anymore!

Winnie from Raynes Park 11:48:24 08 May 2006
Good luck Dons on Friday!

Mitch from Kingston 10:12:40 05 May 2006
Well said Diddy. Thought we were going to come back from 2nil down the way the players played but feel we were also let down by ref! come on the cup!

Diddy from Streatham 15:51:55 03 May 2006
Mad Hatter, unless you have something decent to say go away. You seem to get your kicks by going on other clubs posts and stirring up trouble. Grow up or at least say something constructive instead of behaving like a child.

The Mad Hatter from Luton 15:17:55 03 May 2006
C.P Crew are leaving silly posts all over and blaming me-its not me its that bunch of children!

cp crew from Selhurst 09:45:46 03 May 2006
CP CREW DID NOT WRITE THE BELOW.....mad hatter the Luton supporter has a bad habbit of using the name on Millwalls and now your post to wind people up as he has no club post for himself....The fans at AFC have done a great job rebuilding their club.....From the real cp crew.


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