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Bernadette Wallace from London 07:39:29 08 February 2006
I have lived on Peckham Hill Street for 22 years and have had use of a car park to the rear of my property during this period. However, Southwark Council, without consultation with residents, introduced residents parking only which they have decided is only available to residents on Sister Mabel's Way, which forms part of our cul de sac. The residents of 43 - 55 Peckham Hill Street and those in Radnor Road, which also forms part of the cul de sac have been denied permits as the front of our properties face onto the street and not onto the cul de sac. I have raised this issue with Ben Salem and Councillor Graeme Neale and sent in a petition from all the affected residents. However, these restrictions have been in place since the 6th February 2006 and still there has been no definitive response. I have serious mobility problems and there is no viable parking space elsewhere. TEL: 0207 358 0263/07904 502 843.

Danny Dichio from Preston 22:18:20 07 February 2006
All that money, all that talent but no hunger. Palace just can't beat the Whites. Ha Ha Ha

bob 18:56:02 06 February 2006
most fans go to a game to enjoy it not be deppressed

Tooting & Mitcham Utd v Kingstonian 17:49:54 05 February 2006
Ryman League Division One, Saturday 11th February, Kick-off 3pm. Imperial Fields, Bishopsford Road, Morden. www.tmufc.co.uk

BRIAN from FROM SOUTH WOODFORD 09:25:52 05 February 2006
Hi to all routemaster fans in Sth.London di you have any news on routemaster route 159 since its last day in service.

arnold parkinson from Charleston SC 13:31:06 04 February 2006
Happy New Year to one and all! Fellow Expats might like to check out the British Club Worldwide at www.britishclubworldwide.com With thousands of members in over 60 countries, they offer many services helpful to Brits no matter where they live - People Finder facilities, Immigration Services, a twice weekly Newsletter, an online Magazine, a huge Worldwide Shopping Mall and thousands of links relevant to all things British and British Commonwealth. To those who stay, to those who have left - there's no place like home. And nowt better than being British! :-) Best Regards to one and all Arnold Parkinson Ancient Brit now living in South Carolina

Erica tate from Streatham London 06:39:40 03 February 2006
Portfolio Art Show West Norwood Library The students attend Portfolio classes at the Adare Centre in Streatham. The work on display shows a varied range of techniques and approaches. Stephen Nicholas, the Course Co-ordinator, said: �Many of the students are very advanced in their studies and have made work of a very high standard�. Many of these students have already studied at degree level and are looking to create portfolios to continue MA�s or start a career in the arts The Show runs from 1st Feb 2006 - 28th Feb 2006 For further details call Stephen Nicholas 02075015660 Norwood High Street SE27 9JX Tel: 020 7926 8092 Fax: 020 7926 8032 Opening hours West Norwood Library is open: Monday - 1pm to 8pm Tuesday - 10am to 8pm Wednesday - 10am to 6pm Thursday - 10am to 6pm Friday - 10am to 6pm Saturday - 9am to 5pm Sunday - Closed

Rosana from Woolwich, London 17:49:53 02 February 2006
Greenwich Council- high service charges bills and very poor services. Just received another bill (year ending March 2005), I cannot believe the amount they are charging for the kind of services they provide. Cleansweep and Concierge are synonimous of leaseholders' money wasted in my opinion! What are they doing for you??? I really hope someone can explain what these people are doing with the money they are getting from us at the next conference they will holding this Saturday at the Woolwich Town Hall.

Eileen(nee George) from Northamptonshire 16:47:38 02 February 2006
Since leaving S.W.London to live in Northants, I have been searching for 2 childhood friends. Margaret Hudson and Barbara Clark as they were then. They both lived in and near Vassall Road in mid 60s'. Barbara moved to Mitcham but I have no knowledge of Margaret. I think her partner was called John. She had a brother Charlie. Any information greatly received.

ros abrahams from southampton 19:40:48 27 January 2006
I am a person with a hearing loss who Hates the term Deaf and Dumb which is so out of date. That it should be in the History Books not in a local paper like yours.The right way is to say Deaf with out speech please do not make the same mistake again.

Stella from London 06:22:18 26 January 2006
The article published on the 20th this month, that starts with: Deaf and dumb man mugged Jan 20 2006 - YOBS mugged a deaf and dumb man and injured his hearing dog. It should have used only the term deaf man. When is it that we as a hearing community start to learn a bit more about the Deaf Community and stop using terms as deaf and dumb. Being Deaf does not mean that their dumb.

Tooting & Mitcham Utd v Woking 16:34:06 25 January 2006
Surrey Senior Cup 3rd Round, Tuesday 31st January, Kick-Off 7:45pm. Imperial Fields, Bishopsford Road, Morden. www.tmufc.co.uk

Janet from Greenwich. 13:57:08 24 January 2006
To Carol Defries-I'm with you on that Carol.The more you see of humans these days,the baby rape case and recent happy slapping killing being just two examples,the more I prefer my little dog,she gives me unconditional love,loyalty and endless fun,and all she asks in return is food and shelter.I despair of humanity now.

Carole Defries from London 16:43:00 23 January 2006
Susan Poynter who abandoned three little dogs and left them to die of starvation is the most evil of women and I can only hope and pray that she suffers a similar fate to that of her dogs. I would like to see her die of starvation because its all she deserves. How much effort would it have taken for her to take them to a dogs home if she could no longer keep them? The evilness of humanity never ceases to amaze me. Carole

Anon from London 20:01:01 21 January 2006
Mr Effords view that payments to the PFI company are the primary cause of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital's £20million deficit are incorrect. Perhaps Mr Efford should look into the sale of Greenwich District Hospital site to English Partnerships, which was to quote one person at NHS Estates 'not in the best interests of either the NHS or the Trust' who were to split the proceeds 50:50. This because English Partnerships never pays more than a modest sum upfront for sites, the rest of the payments to the vendors only coming from 'overage' as and when the site is finally developed ( 2010 ?). The Government wanted the site to help fulfill their social housing agenda, which is EP's new role, hence the site was never offered for sale on the open market despite there being cash buyers keen to acquire it with or without planning permission, and one being prepared to pay £20 million, who would you believe was warned off by EP. None of this in the public domain but it should be.

Julie hall from London 18:06:16 16 January 2006
Campaign Launch Meeting Tell it like is -How Schools Fail Black children With Doreen Lawrence, Kwame Kwei Armah and Lee Jasper 9th Feb 7pm Lambeth Town Hall

David Dowson from London 10:38:29 16 January 2006
I write to you to express my shock sadness at the state of the burial plots at Nunhead Cemetery. On Sunday 15th January 2006, me my eldest son took my 80 year old father to see if we could find his fathers grave. We arrived around 1.00pm we found a small map of the graveyard on a notice board When we came to the area where we expected the grave to be , we were completely shocked to find an overgrown woodland full of rubbish ,smashed headstones haplessly scattered amidst the dense overgrown bind weeds,tree stumps general mayhem. To call the area a disgrace seems barely sufficient. There are Gravestones stacked in haphazard piles ,others are scattered in various states of destruction over the whole area amidst the undergrowth the various items of litter We made this trip to find his fathers graveside not knowing what to expect but never would we have believed the shockingly disgraceful state that this Cemetery has been allowed to disintegrate into. David Dowson

Paul Wicks from London 19:19:15 11 January 2006
Dear all, The Institute of Psychiatry has recently launched a database of people interested in volunteering for experiments called PsychPop which stands for Psychology Population. You can check out the website at http://www.psychpop.net/ You could help scientists learn more about and eventually defeat illnesses such as schizophrenia, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and substance addiction. Most studies offer some form of reimbursement for your time or will cover your travel expenses. Most people say they find being a volunteer is fun and interesting and come back more than once. To find out more visit www.psychpop.net Many thanks Paul

Mr & Mrs Khan from London 13:08:41 10 January 2006
Please help to highlight our plight, We are in a damp and mould infested overcrowded crampy two bedroom house, with five children. A sixteen year old girl, ten year old boy, seven year old boy, six year old girl, one year old baby, and a new baby due this January 2006. I have shown video of the health harzard and written to the Housing office but was told if we are lucky, we will be contacted in mid February with a unique id no: to make a bidding. We are in a state of emmergency, and some Housing officer is talking about luck. Please help us.

suzette taylor from manchester 20:29:26 09 January 2006
i am trying to trace my maternal grandfather who was last known in the southwark area in the late 1940's early 50's. all i know is that he was convicted of armed robbery at a post office in bermondsey.his name was jake staples. anyone who can help please contact me on my email address.suzysu68@aol.com

Nikki from New Cross 20:26:28 06 January 2006
Hi there, your help is required! If you live in the New Cross, Deptford or surrounding area... my 1year old, male border collie has gone missing! (disappeared from Fordham park on the 5th Jan 06) He is black and white with tan on his cheeks and eyebrows. All the local authorities have been notified (and he is micro chipped). However if you see him (or you have him) please call me 07949026923 we are desparate for his safe return. Thank you

Tooting & Mitcham Utd v Ramsgate 17:11:40 06 January 2006
Tooting Mitcham Utd v Ramsgate, Ryman League Division 1, Saturday 14th January, Kick-off 3pm. Imperial Fields, Bishopsford Road, Morden. www.tmufc.co.uk

Brendan Mooney from London 20:55:33 24 December 2005
I am a resident of affordable housing in London which is overseen by the Church of England�s, 'Church Commissioners'. It was founded by the 19th century philanthropist, Octavia Hill, who wanted to provide affordable accommodation to poor or working people in London. It is sad to say that the Church Commissioners no longer see that legacy as part of the work of the Church of England. They are now in the second rounds of selling the properties to the highest bidder in the housing market The Commissioners say that they will sell the properties to the highest bidder in the open market. Although this sale will not affect tenancies, it will inevitably affect rents. A private landlord is out to make money not keep rents affordable. People like me will be priced out. The Church Commissioners are the recipients of a legacy from a social reformer Octavia Hill and should sell the properties to a social registered landlords. Brendan Mooney

James from Lewisham 17:10:10 24 December 2005
I agree with you Linda. Whenever I'm in the town centre there are always groups of teenagers attempting to intimidate people and being disrespectful. I'm very pleased with the continuous improvements in the area, but people need to be able to shop in a nice friendly environment.

southlondonpete from south london 10:46:50 16 December 2005
Hi Linda, the same is happening around my area, charlton, but i think south london just seems to bring in all the dreggs of society. But yes something needs to be done before we land up like the Bronx!!


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